Friday, December 23, 2011


This is one of a number of interesting portraits in the ARTFUL WONDERS: Inspiration for Healing exhibit.  This program at San Diego Cancer Research Institute offers art therapy for cancer patients and caregivers.  Decorated bras, books, paintings on display.  Bra purses and meditation mala bracelets are offered for sale as a fundraiser for the program.  Exhibit runs through January 8, 2012.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Handblown glass vessels and gifts by Lea de Wit, Wizadry baskets by Nadine Spier and LOVE sculpture by Lia Strell...all great gift ideas by wonderful local artists!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This is a very beautiful and meaningful piece from the exhibit. It was created using all kinds of mixed media starting with a swimsuit form. There is even grass (faux I'm sure!). This piece was created by Nancy Kimerly and is sure to illicit a powerful response. Please stop in and have a look.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Crowds all day for the opening reception of ART WONDERS: Inspiration for Healing. Rain couldn't stop this bunch! Many of the patients/artist participants from San Diego Cancer Research Institute were there and brought friends and family. Throw in great food and live music by Clay Colton and a wonderful day was had by all. All of the work was created by patients with cancer and caregivers (and even staff and volunteers!). While the topic is serious and involves peoples' lives, the room energy and the exhibit are uplifting. Please stop in to take a look!
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Friday, November 11, 2011


ARTFUL WONDERS: Inspiration for Healing opens tomorrow November 12, 2011 with a reception from Noon to 2pm (rain or shine!).  This exhibit showcases the power of art and artmaking in the process of healing.  Alessandra Colfi, Art Therapist works with cancer patients and caregivers at the San Diego Cancer Research Institute as part of a holistic and intrgrative approach which is designed to optimize the quality of life for patients and their families through research, supportive care, advocacy, and education. Please join us for this meaningful and uplifting exhibit.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Beth Milakovich, is the artist of the above painting. Beth, 96, is a resident at Carlsbad By The Sea and paints weekly. She is know for her vibrant watercolor paintings and interesting compositions. Her work is on view through October 30. Please stop in to see us!
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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Long ago a new quilter decided it was important to create a wedding quilt to mark the occasion of her marrying her sweetheart in their favorite magical place, Yosemite.  Well, 20 years ago, signatures were gathered, a quilt top made...then folded up and kept safely tucked away. The quilter is me, and it took 20 years to give myself permission to change how the direction the little chapel in the valley below Half Dome sits, so that I could recreate the day. The quilt shares how the heart remembers .... walking through the snow, in the early morning purple shadow of  'the mountain', walking up the steps, pulling off my boots, slipping on my heels and walking down the aisle.   
This work was created by Rose Hughes from Long Beach, CA.

Very magical!  Don't miss this and all of the other wonderful works of art.  The exhibit runs through September 4, 2011.

Friday, July 22, 2011


This is just a bit of what you will see at Front Porch Gallery's SHARING STORIES: Expressions and Stitched Meanings exhibition currently on display. Each piece in the exhibit is a masterful and unique piece of art, complete with the story behind the work. Some are joyful, some whimsical and some talk about deeply personal loss. There is beauty in the works themselves, and it is enhanced with these glimpses into the artists' hearts. The exhibit runs through September 3. Many of the works are offered for sale. We look forward to seeing you!
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Friday, July 8, 2011


Tomorrow, Saturday July 9, 2011 from noon-2pm is the Opening Reception for
SHARING STORIES: Expressions and Stitched Meanings. The exhibit is a juried exhibit with members of SOCAL/SONEV SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) and has an abundance of beautiful fine art quilts. This picture shows Andi Perejda's beautiful work titled, Musee d'Orsay. Stay tuned for pictures from the opening and more images of the lovely work.
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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Here is another example of the old saying..."good things come in small packages"... this great book by artist Madelyn Garrett encompasses a handmade pendant with marvelous beadwork and a slot for the tiny book which features text from Cervantes' Don Quixote. Quite a visual treat and just one more look at the amazing work being done by book artists nationwide. Our exhibit, The Art of The Book runs through July 3.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Opening Reception: The Art of THE BOOK

Last Saturday we had the pleasure of unveiling the marvelous Book Arts exhibition. The Art of The Book. The viewers were a combination of gallery regulars, Book Artists, and others who were so enamored with the image on the postcard they just had to come! We had at least 200 visitors through during the reception. People were so impressed with the versatility and range of work from the artists. Many people were waiting for their turn at a table in order to really view each work. We are so happy about the quality of the work and the turnout for the reception. Many said they would return and would like to spend even more time viewing each work. More images to follow!
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

ART of the BOOK

Here is a first look at the new book arts exhibition opening today! A reception is being held from noon-2pm and features the live music of Clay Colton as well as delicious hors d'oeuvres. Artists from around the country (and Hungary!) will have work on display. We have amazing imagination and technical ability on display, from altered books, to sculptures, artist's books and beyond. More images to follow later!
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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Accepted Artists – SAQA SoCal/SoNev Juried Exhibition
“SHARED STORIES: Expressions and Stitched Memories”
Front Porch Gallery  July 9-September 4, 2011

Congratulations to the artists listed below, whose work has been selected for the show.  To those whose work was not selected, I thank you so much for offering your work for consideration.  It is always a brave act to put one’s work out there for someone else’s opinion.  One of the difficult tasks when jurying a show is to have to turn down worthy works of art.  All of the work submitted is indeed beautiful and I commend all of your creativity, technical abilities and spirit.

This was a wonderful and difficult exhibit to jury.  There was a large and eclectic selection of art quilts to select from in order to create an interesting and beautiful exhibit.  We had 122 submissions from 51 artists.  From these, 41 pieces were selected from 38 artists. 

The show will be comprised of small to mid-size art quilts representing many varied “stories”.  Themes of family, nature, abstract, whimsy, commentary and the human experience will all be present.  I believe viewers of the exhibit will be thrilled with the variety and skill level of the work presented and as I am, will be moved by the “stories”.

Julie Weaverling

Betty Amador                                               La Mer
Charlotte Bird                                               Sirocco
Patt Blair                                                     Proud Heritage
Loris Bogue                                                 Migration
Cherie Brown                                               Grandmother Robbins
Jamie Fingal                                                The Game is Afoot
Barbara Friedman                                        The Visit
Doria Goocher                                             Three Doors
Desiree Habicht                                           Sumi
Gail Hansen                                                 Life Lilies
Ranell Hansen                                             Wild Women #1
Carol Henke                                                Paths and Barriers 3
Rose Hughes                                               A Long Ago Wedding
Sara Kelly                                                    Memories of a Geisha
Pam Price Klebaum                                     Disney Hall: Color and Curves
Sherry Kleinman                                          Chance Encounter
Smadar Knobler                                           Majestic Leya
Jane LaFazio                                               Everyday Objects Tell My Story
Linda Boone Laird                                        Forgiveness
Sandra Lauterbach                                       Pursonal Passion
Jill Le Croissette                                          Wounded
Nancy Lemke                                              What’s the Point?
Felisa Lyons                                                Fall Rain
Kathleen McCabe                                         I Thought I was Loony Tunes but
                                                                             it was a Brain Tumor
                                                                   Princess of Diamonds
Linda Miller                                                   Fluid Fissure 2
Jeannie Palmer Moore                                   Family Ties
Gillian Moss                                                 Well done Ben
Kathy Nida                                                   BirdSick
Andi Perejda                                                Musee d’Orsay
Judy Rys                                                     Inside Out Golgi Body
Lois Sprague                                               Girl and Fish
Jeanne Surber                                             Goth Metal
Mary Tabar                                                  Garden Delight Summer
                                                                  Garden Delight Fall
Terry Waldron                                              Papyrus
Deborah Weir                                               Harmattan
Susan West                                                 Eventide
Sally Wright                                                 Mt. St. Michel
Lisa Yoder                                                   Forest Floor I

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Love, Love, Love

It's all about love today on this beautiful Easter! Carlsbad artist Lia Strell has hand crafted this "Love" pendant in sterling silver. It hangs on cream colored ribbons and is a take on one of her larger sculptures. Lia recently had the dedication of her large scale sculpture "Ribbon of Hope" as part of the Wolfstein Sculpture Park at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla. The gallery also has tabletop sculpture by Lia. We invite you to come in have a look!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ART of the BOOK - Accepted Submissions

Thanks to all who submitted!  We had a wonderful showing with submissions from 18 states and Hungary!  Following is the list of works to be exhibited. *Indicates image is on the invitation.

Madelyn Garrett                      “A Book of Hours”  *
                                                “A Time for Small Things”
Pamela Blotner                       “Fluke’s Chronicle”
Josie Rodriguez                      “Prescription for Poetry”
Sarah Haig                              “Document of Unconscious Actions”
Geoff Silvis                             “Hooked on Phonix Worked for Me”
Marie Marcano                       “Spirals”
Salle Taft                                 “Pie Shaped Book”
Jacqueline Jacobs                  “A Time for Everything”
                                                “Spinning Stories”  *   
Blake Kern                              “Life Drops Bombs”
Ruth Kennedy                         “A Room Without Books”
Betty Martinez                         “Tarot for the Timid”
Brad Dinsmore                        “70 Sheets”
Maryann Riker                         “Domestic Partners”
                                                “Domestic Intimacy”
Nathaniel Filbert                      “Lamentations”
                                                “Decline and Fall”
Orly Avineri                             “My Mini Face Book”
                                                “Naturally Yours”
Risa Gettler/Edna Wright       “Big Dragonfly Book”
Amanda Young                       “Upcycled”
Al Rodriguez                           “Random Thoughts”
Joy Campbell                          “In The Groove”
                                                “Patterns of Grace”
Otis College                           “Creation”
Genie Shenk                           “Spiral Inkling”
Elaine Antoniuk                       “Commemorative Window”
                                                “Words on a String”
Pal Csaba                               “Exit”
Claire Jeannine Satin              “Pentimento XIII-Hamsa Noiratra Dore”
Sara Parkel/Peter Spagnuolo “Egg and Dart”
Scott Lingner/Gaelan Gilbert   “Spaces”
Sun Young Kang                     “The Story of Thousands of Stars, 2”
Raymond Gaddy                     “Book of Travels, Vol. 1”
Jennifer Hines                         “Crevices”
Kelly Roe                                “UNjust”
Helen Shafer Garcia                “X’s and O’s”
Linda Shaffer/Denise Stephenson      “Despair”
Maggie Puckett                       “Total Ocean Recall”
Austin Straus                           “Large Holey Book”
Barbara Bussolari                   “Dreams”
Gregory Dirr et al                    “Abrasion”
Andrew Huot                           “Exits West”
                                                “A Guide to Dogs”
Casey Lowry                           “Repeating Myself”
Lark Burkhart                          “Regifting the Pink Lizard”     

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Take a look at this fantastic piece from fiber artist Nadine Spier.  The piece, titled Whirlwind is part of our 2011 Juried Exhibition.  While Nadine calls her work basketry, we like to say it is Wizardry as it seems to defy normal basketry practices.  Its coiled turns create a sort of roller coaster for the art set!  And, amidst the beauty are several handmade glass beads woven into the design.  Come take a look for yourself!  Nadine is also offering her new DVD for those inspired to have a go at it themselves.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We invite you to come in and look at the beautiful new line of jewelry by Carlsbad artist, Linda Shaffer. This new collection features sterling silver, fine silver and pearls. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind! Linda combines a contemporary aesthetic with classic materials to create a great new line featuring earrings, necklaces and rings. Prices range from $35 - $200. See you soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today we have the Opening Reception for the Front Porch Gallery 2011 Juried Exhibition. We have approximately 60 works on view from San Diego County artists. The works are diverse ranging from oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings, sculpture, photography, fiber arts, etc. We are privileged to have such an abundance of talent in San Diego!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Front Porch Gallery, a non-profit gallery in Carlsbad, CA is pleased to invite artists 18 and over and living in the U.S. to submit artworks produced post 2008 to be considered for an upcoming exhibition “Art of the Book ”. We are looking for artwork created in the form of artist’s books (using traditional bookmaking methods OR contemporary, unconventional structures) or made by altering existing books. Open to any method or media, on any subject (suitable for a general audience). There is no fee for submission.  The exhibition is to be organized by Steven Nossan, Gallery Director and Julie Weaverling, Assistant Director.  Please visit to learn more about us.
This exhibition will feature invited artists whose work will represent a broad range of book arts, providing insight into contemporary practices.  Approximately thirty works will be chosen for display in the gallery.  Works may be but do not have to be for sale (the gallery retains a 30% commission on all sales).

We encourage artists to submit more than one work to be reviewed. Artists are invited to submit up to 5 works (3 images max per work) via CD by mail or .jpeg via email for review. .Jpeg’s should be 300dpi at 5x7 or minimum 1MB file size.  All images must be properly labeled and accompanied by an image list with name, title, year created, dimensions, medium/materials, and credited properly (authors, collector, etc.), and retail price if for sale. 
If accepted, artists will be responsible for shipping to/from the gallery.

Calendar of Important Dates:

Deadline for receipt of entry forms and images: Wednesday March 30, 2011
NOTE: Images received by Wednesday March 16, 2011 will be considered for the printed and e-vite announcement of the exhibition
Notification of accepted entries: Wednesday April 13, 2011
Accepted art due at Front Porch Gallery: May 11, 2011
Exhibition Opening: Saturday May 21, 2011
Exhibition closes: Sunday July 3, 2011
Unsold works returned: by Wednesday July 13, 2011

Checklist for submissions:
___ Completed Entry Form (attached), photocopies are acceptable
___ Self-addressed, stamped envelope with adequate postage (ONLY if you wish your materials returned )
___ CD’s or .jpeg’s, or printouts of work labeled with name, titles, date, medium, dimensions, materials.
DO NOT send the original works for consideration

Please send entries to:  
CD’s by mail to: Front Porch Gallery, 2903 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA 92008
.jpeg’s by email to:

1. Entry form must be accompanied by clearly labeled images of work submitted.
2. Artist may include along with this form, a current brief biography,
3. Artist may include a statement of less than 200 words concerning the work submitted
4. Include a SASE if you wish your materials to be returned to you.
5. There is a limit of 5 works (3 images max per work) to be submitted for consideration. CD’s and .jpeg’s are accepted. .Jpeg’s should be 300dpi at 5x7 or minimum file size 1MB.
6. Front Porch Gallery retains a commission of 30% of each work sold.  Artists will be paid within 30 days of sale of an artwork.

Do not send the original works under consideration.
If accepted...
1. The artist is responsible for the cost of shipping works to Front Porch Gallery.
2. Artists must provide prepaid return shipping in the event the work is not sold.
3. No works will be released before the close of the exhibition.
Deadline for submissions is March 30, 2011. Notification of accepted entries will be on April 13, 2010 via email whenever possible.  Accepted works must be delivered to Front Porch Gallery by May 11, 2011.

Name: ______________________________ email: ________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________ State: ________ Zip: __________________
Country: __________________ Phone: _____________________

Please fill out all information pertaining to each work using the format below.

Title of Work: ________________________________________________________________
Artist(s): ____________________________________________________________________
Dimensions (in inches): _________H x _________ W x _________D # of pages: __________
This is copy No. __________ from an edition of No. _________Year of completion: ________
Insurance Value: $___________________. For Sale? ___ Retail Price $ ________________
Would this work be available to travel with the exhibition should the opportunity arise?
Yes ____ No ____

Title of Work: ________________________________________________________________
Artist(s): ____________________________________________________________________
Dimensions (in inches): _________H x _________ W x ___________ D # of pages: ________
This is copy No. ________ from an edition of No. __________Year of completion: __________
Insurance Value: $___________________. For Sale? ___ Retail Price $ ________________
Would this work be available to travel with the exhibition should the opportunity arise?
Yes ____ No ____

Title of Work: ________________________________________________________________
Artist(s): ____________________________________________________________________
Dimensions (in inches): _________H x _________ W x _________ D # of pages: __________
This is copy No. _________ from an edition of No. _________ Year of completion: ________
Insurance Value: $___________________. For Sale? ___ Retail Price $ ________________
Would this work be available to travel with the exhibition should the opportunity arise?
Yes ____ No ____

Title of Work: ________________________________________________________________
Artist(s): ____________________________________________________________________
Dimensions (in inches): _________H x ___________ W x __________D # of pages: ________
This is copy No. ________ from an edition of No. __________ Year of completion: _________ Medium/Materials:____________________________________________________________
Insurance Value: $___________________. For Sale? ___ Retail Price $ ________________
Would this work be available to travel with the exhibition should the opportunity arise?
Yes ____ No ____

Title of Work: ________________________________________________________________
Artist(s): ____________________________________________________________________
Dimensions (in inches): _________H x ___________ W x __________ D # of pages: ________
This is copy No. ________from an edition of No. ____________Year of completion: __________
Insurance Value: $___________________. For Sale? ___ Retail Price $ ________________
Would this work be available to travel with the exhibition should the opportunity arise?
Yes ____ No ____

I have read these guidelines and agree to abide by them:

Artist Signature______________________________Date__________________