Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ART of the BOOK - Accepted Submissions

Thanks to all who submitted!  We had a wonderful showing with submissions from 18 states and Hungary!  Following is the list of works to be exhibited. *Indicates image is on the invitation.

Madelyn Garrett                      “A Book of Hours”  *
                                                “A Time for Small Things”
Pamela Blotner                       “Fluke’s Chronicle”
Josie Rodriguez                      “Prescription for Poetry”
Sarah Haig                              “Document of Unconscious Actions”
Geoff Silvis                             “Hooked on Phonix Worked for Me”
Marie Marcano                       “Spirals”
Salle Taft                                 “Pie Shaped Book”
Jacqueline Jacobs                  “A Time for Everything”
                                                “Spinning Stories”  *   
Blake Kern                              “Life Drops Bombs”
Ruth Kennedy                         “A Room Without Books”
Betty Martinez                         “Tarot for the Timid”
Brad Dinsmore                        “70 Sheets”
Maryann Riker                         “Domestic Partners”
                                                “Domestic Intimacy”
Nathaniel Filbert                      “Lamentations”
                                                “Decline and Fall”
Orly Avineri                             “My Mini Face Book”
                                                “Naturally Yours”
Risa Gettler/Edna Wright       “Big Dragonfly Book”
Amanda Young                       “Upcycled”
Al Rodriguez                           “Random Thoughts”
Joy Campbell                          “In The Groove”
                                                “Patterns of Grace”
Otis College                           “Creation”
Genie Shenk                           “Spiral Inkling”
Elaine Antoniuk                       “Commemorative Window”
                                                “Words on a String”
Pal Csaba                               “Exit”
Claire Jeannine Satin              “Pentimento XIII-Hamsa Noiratra Dore”
Sara Parkel/Peter Spagnuolo “Egg and Dart”
Scott Lingner/Gaelan Gilbert   “Spaces”
Sun Young Kang                     “The Story of Thousands of Stars, 2”
Raymond Gaddy                     “Book of Travels, Vol. 1”
Jennifer Hines                         “Crevices”
Kelly Roe                                “UNjust”
Helen Shafer Garcia                “X’s and O’s”
Linda Shaffer/Denise Stephenson      “Despair”
Maggie Puckett                       “Total Ocean Recall”
Austin Straus                           “Large Holey Book”
Barbara Bussolari                   “Dreams”
Gregory Dirr et al                    “Abrasion”
Andrew Huot                           “Exits West”
                                                “A Guide to Dogs”
Casey Lowry                           “Repeating Myself”
Lark Burkhart                          “Regifting the Pink Lizard”     

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