Thursday, May 26, 2011

Opening Reception: The Art of THE BOOK

Last Saturday we had the pleasure of unveiling the marvelous Book Arts exhibition. The Art of The Book. The viewers were a combination of gallery regulars, Book Artists, and others who were so enamored with the image on the postcard they just had to come! We had at least 200 visitors through during the reception. People were so impressed with the versatility and range of work from the artists. Many people were waiting for their turn at a table in order to really view each work. We are so happy about the quality of the work and the turnout for the reception. Many said they would return and would like to spend even more time viewing each work. More images to follow!
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

ART of the BOOK

Here is a first look at the new book arts exhibition opening today! A reception is being held from noon-2pm and features the live music of Clay Colton as well as delicious hors d'oeuvres. Artists from around the country (and Hungary!) will have work on display. We have amazing imagination and technical ability on display, from altered books, to sculptures, artist's books and beyond. More images to follow later!
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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Accepted Artists – SAQA SoCal/SoNev Juried Exhibition
“SHARED STORIES: Expressions and Stitched Memories”
Front Porch Gallery  July 9-September 4, 2011

Congratulations to the artists listed below, whose work has been selected for the show.  To those whose work was not selected, I thank you so much for offering your work for consideration.  It is always a brave act to put one’s work out there for someone else’s opinion.  One of the difficult tasks when jurying a show is to have to turn down worthy works of art.  All of the work submitted is indeed beautiful and I commend all of your creativity, technical abilities and spirit.

This was a wonderful and difficult exhibit to jury.  There was a large and eclectic selection of art quilts to select from in order to create an interesting and beautiful exhibit.  We had 122 submissions from 51 artists.  From these, 41 pieces were selected from 38 artists. 

The show will be comprised of small to mid-size art quilts representing many varied “stories”.  Themes of family, nature, abstract, whimsy, commentary and the human experience will all be present.  I believe viewers of the exhibit will be thrilled with the variety and skill level of the work presented and as I am, will be moved by the “stories”.

Julie Weaverling

Betty Amador                                               La Mer
Charlotte Bird                                               Sirocco
Patt Blair                                                     Proud Heritage
Loris Bogue                                                 Migration
Cherie Brown                                               Grandmother Robbins
Jamie Fingal                                                The Game is Afoot
Barbara Friedman                                        The Visit
Doria Goocher                                             Three Doors
Desiree Habicht                                           Sumi
Gail Hansen                                                 Life Lilies
Ranell Hansen                                             Wild Women #1
Carol Henke                                                Paths and Barriers 3
Rose Hughes                                               A Long Ago Wedding
Sara Kelly                                                    Memories of a Geisha
Pam Price Klebaum                                     Disney Hall: Color and Curves
Sherry Kleinman                                          Chance Encounter
Smadar Knobler                                           Majestic Leya
Jane LaFazio                                               Everyday Objects Tell My Story
Linda Boone Laird                                        Forgiveness
Sandra Lauterbach                                       Pursonal Passion
Jill Le Croissette                                          Wounded
Nancy Lemke                                              What’s the Point?
Felisa Lyons                                                Fall Rain
Kathleen McCabe                                         I Thought I was Loony Tunes but
                                                                             it was a Brain Tumor
                                                                   Princess of Diamonds
Linda Miller                                                   Fluid Fissure 2
Jeannie Palmer Moore                                   Family Ties
Gillian Moss                                                 Well done Ben
Kathy Nida                                                   BirdSick
Andi Perejda                                                Musee d’Orsay
Judy Rys                                                     Inside Out Golgi Body
Lois Sprague                                               Girl and Fish
Jeanne Surber                                             Goth Metal
Mary Tabar                                                  Garden Delight Summer
                                                                  Garden Delight Fall
Terry Waldron                                              Papyrus
Deborah Weir                                               Harmattan
Susan West                                                 Eventide
Sally Wright                                                 Mt. St. Michel
Lisa Yoder                                                   Forest Floor I