Thursday, August 25, 2011


Long ago a new quilter decided it was important to create a wedding quilt to mark the occasion of her marrying her sweetheart in their favorite magical place, Yosemite.  Well, 20 years ago, signatures were gathered, a quilt top made...then folded up and kept safely tucked away. The quilter is me, and it took 20 years to give myself permission to change how the direction the little chapel in the valley below Half Dome sits, so that I could recreate the day. The quilt shares how the heart remembers .... walking through the snow, in the early morning purple shadow of  'the mountain', walking up the steps, pulling off my boots, slipping on my heels and walking down the aisle.   
This work was created by Rose Hughes from Long Beach, CA.

Very magical!  Don't miss this and all of the other wonderful works of art.  The exhibit runs through September 4, 2011.