Thursday, May 24, 2012


Catherine MacDonald is the first prize winner of the 2nd Annual San Diego County Open Juried Exhibition!  Front Porch Gallery is pleased to announced that Catherine MacDonald's APPROACHING DAWN was selected as this year's winner.  APPROACHING DAWN is an intaglio/etching.  Please visit us to see all of the wonderful work!  The exhibit runs through July 14, 2012.

Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 Juried Exhibition Accepted Artists

Accepted Artists
Front Porch Gallery 2012 Open Juried Exhibition
**indicates image was also selected for the invitation

Thank you artists for your entries!  You submitted work that is interesting, beautiful, creative and accomplished.  We are sorry we weren’t able to accept work from each entrant.  We appreciate the time and energy it takes to enter a show and we are grateful to have had such a wonderful response. The work selected offers a glimpse into what is happening in our San Diego County art community.  Traditional art forms remain popular, and innovative work with new media and technique is also seen.  Our goal was to create a beautiful, cohesive exhibit which exemplifies the best of what San Diego County has to offer.  We believe we have succeeded and look forward to a great exhibit,.

Thank you again for entering, we look forward to seeing you at the Opening! 
Steve and Julie

Artists listed alphabetically

Rebecca Amroian               Dream Weaver                                      Acrylic
Tom Ballew                        Waking the Angels to Light the Stars      Digital
Bruce Bartells                    Bodie, CA                                             Photography
Mary Beck                         Summer                                               Oil
Alana Bishop                     **Eggo the Bulldog                                 Oil
Alana Bishop     Artist’s Interpretation of Zhaoming Wu's “The Dancer”  Oil
Jeffrey R. Brosbe                Bark #31                                              Photography
Yanina Cambareri               **Free                                                  Watercolor
Jack Cameron                    Celestial Wizard                                    Digital
Jack Cameron                    Galactic Portal                                      Digital
Sylvia T. Clark                    Inward Journey                                      Fabric Collage
Josephine Coyle                **Refining One’s Vision                           Acrylic
Vicky DeLong                    Cappuccino Bottle                                 Ceramic
Patricia Dispenziere            Odessa Survivor                                    Transparent W/C
Barbara Earhart                  White Light                                           Oil
Darlene Katz                      **Pas de Deux                                      Oil
Ruth Kennedy                    **Angel Among Us                                 Oil
Carol Korfin                        Geisha Under Glass                              Fused Glass
Carol Lang                         **Love Is                                               Knotting
Jill Le Croissette                 Red Line I                                             Fiber
Karen Langer Baker            Ancient of Days                                    Acrylic w/Collage
Dana Levine                       Tenakill Brook                                       Water Media
David Leyva Jr.                   Los Rinocerontes                                  Linocut - Oil
Ashley Lieber                     Big City Life                                          Mixed Media
Catherine MacDonald         **Approaching Dawn                               Intaglio Etching
Kait Matthews                    Tell Tail                                                Oil
Kathleen McCabe               Agave in Green and White                      Fiber – Art Quilt
Linda Meeker                     Summer Song                                       Watercolor
Beth Milakovich                  Santorini                                               Watercolor
BettyJo Norton                   Softly Through the Woods                      Watercolor
Adam Orr                           Contrast                                               Mixed Media
Ana Phelps                        **Coral Tree                                          Photography
Carre Ridgway                    The Happy Gardener                             Mixed Media
McNeil Sargent                   **Dahlia                                               Oil
Ann Scott                          Orchid                                                  Mixed Media
Elaine Seeley                     Whispers                                             Metal Sculpture
Elaine Seeley                     **Laughing Medusa                               Metal Sculpture
Harriet Shoup                     Cock-eyed                                           Watercolor
Corrine Steiger                   Dawn’s Grace                                       Bronze
Denise Strahm                   **He Shall Rise Again                            Photography
Joseph Villela                    **Cooking Potatoes                                Oil
Richard Wynn                    Samurai                                                Mixed Medium
Debra Zelazny                    High Seas                                             Mixed Medium