Monday, August 20, 2012

SPIRAL BOUND: The Spiritual Journey of Aging ACCEPTED ARTISTS

Please find below the list of accepted entries into the Front Porch Gallery 10th Anniversary Celebration exhibition, SPIRAL BOUND: The Spiritual Journey of Aging.  We are very excited about the exhibition which will include photography, painting, mixed media, book arts and sculpture.

The Opening Reception will be held Sunday, September 16, 2012 from noon to 2pm and will feature musician Clay Colton and will include hors d’oeuvres. 

We are so appreciative of all who participated. We hope to see everyone there!
Thank you so much!

Linda Anderson                                 Carousel of Time
Bruce Bartells                                   Carlsbad Sunset
                                                           Park in Fog
Beverly Bell                                      Purl
Shant Beudjekian                              A Reflection of the Self
Gabriele Bitter                                  The Look
Josephine Coyle                              Transition
Chick Curtis                                      The Vision
Herb Dockham                                 Olive Pickers
Tama Dumlao                                   Spiritual Topo Map #62: When I’m Afraid
Regina Hurley                                   Bucket List
Darlene Katz                                     Tree of Life
                                                           Patient Flower Girl
Blake Kern                                        Through the Looking Glass
Karen Langerbaker                           Waiting
Jill Le Croissette                               Burgeoning (Life Cycles)
Doreen Long                                     Women Searching for Meaning
Gina M                                                Aging Root
                                                           Mother & Child
Vince Mattina                                     Khronos Adrift
                                                           Salt of the Stars
Janet Perkin                                      Sun Spots
Andrew Radigan                               Treasured Memories
                                                           Life’s Tests
Cheryl Radigan                                 Journey’s End
Karen Rhiner                                     Nadine
Nicholas Roberti                               Zi’ Angela Sitting
Josie Rodriguez                               Lala’s Lace
Susan Salazar                                   A Time for Reflection
Harriet Shoup                                    Fellow Traveler
Maya Shropshire                               Indian Wedding Gown
Vita Sorrentino                                  Untitled
Lia Strell                                            Female Energy
Christina Thomas                             Dreams
Lev Tsimring                                     Defiance
                                                           Doriana Gray
John Valois                                       Wizened Hands
Tracy West                                        Fire Within
                                                           Strong Willed
                                                           Fuzzy Headed
Jackie Zucker                                   Guitar