Friday, July 1, 2016

2016 Front Porch Gallery Open Juried Exhibition

Accepted Artworks:
Dan Adams                         Oil                                         Camilla
Terry Allen                          Photography                       Wave Crest Salton Sea
Christine Ames                  Mixed Media                       Mint Julep
Linda Anderson                 Art quilt                                Reflecting
Bruce Bartells                    Photography on canvas     Carlsbad Surf
Shant Beudjekian              Acrylic on Canvas                South of France
Abbey Chamberlain          Mixed media; paint and photography     African Gold
Christa  Chapian                Photography                        TOMATO STAKES
Bob Coletti                         Photo Illustration                3 Heads
Anna Efimova                     Oil                                         Russian Horse
Anna Efimova                     Oil                                         Clouds
Kathleen Hamilton            Digital                                   Boardwalk
Betty Hock                          Acrylic on paper                 Ample Time
Jodie Hulden                      Photography                       Morning Fog
Kathy Johnson                   Acrylic                                   A Slice of Heaven
Michelle Kaskovich           Encaustic (beeswax, damar resin, pigment)         Whitewater
Darlene  Katz                     Oil on wood panel               Making Tracks
CuauhtĂ©moc Kish              Fabric Art                              Manscape
Karen Langer Baker          Acrylic on Collage                Mandarin Mountain Grove
Sandy Levin                        CASTED GLASS ON MIRROR         Through the Looking Glass
Dana Levine                       Digital Photography             The Space Between
Kurt Lightfoot                    Digital                                     Pathway Out 1
Michelle Lubin                   Pencil on Wood                    Never Let Go
Kathleen McCabe             Fiber                                        Stuck in the Mud
Tesa Michaels                    Mixed Media; Semi Precious Stones       Deep Exhale
Robert L Nelson                 Graphite, white pencil and acrylic on wood panel       Red Tide
Diane O'Connell                 Oil                                            Hollyhock Heaven
Judith Parenio                   mixed media encaustic on wood      Light of the Forest
Ana Phelps                         Photography                           Sea Painting
Linda Phillips                      Oil on gold leaf                       Sunflower winds
Linda Phillips                      Oil on gold leaf                       Dancer on Gold
Jan Rolston                         Felt, glass, beads                    Ocean
Rita Shulak                          Oil                                             Gorilla in Palm
Rebecca Smith                  Fiber                                          Islands in the Stream of Consciousness
Rebecca Smith                  Fiber                                          Aurora
Nadine Spier                      Coiled Basketry around found antler      Conception
Peggy Stokes                     Low On Water                          High On Beauty
David Stroh                        Screen print, screen printing ink, on Fabriano Uno        Windblown
Christina Ilene Thomas    Acrylic                                        Windswept
Bonnie Tucker                   Hand marbled paper, acrylic paint, collage       black forest
Rosemary Valente           Oil                                                The Opening Reception
William James Warren   Photography                              Carlsbad Culture
Elizabeth Weems             Oil                                               Reflection

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Front Porch Gallery

Call for Photography (no fee to submit)


The Six-Word Story

A Photography exhibition March 20 –May 7, 2016


Consider the well-known adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In The Six-Word Story…in a picture we will view photographs in context with their six-word story. You may be familiar with the legend of “The Six-Word Story”…so the story goes, Ernest Hemingway, while lunching with friends, made a bet that he could craft an entire story in six words. After the pot was assembled, Hemingway wrote the following six-word story: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Hemingway won the bet.

We are inviting submissions of photography along with your six-word story which will accompany selected photographs for the exhibition. We welcome you to be creative, whimsical, and introspective which we expect will create great interaction with the viewer. All expressions suitable for general viewing are invited and will be considered. There is no particular theme preferred; please use your imagination!

Front Porch Gallery is a non-profit gallery in Carlsbad, CA whose mission is Art Creates Community. Front Porch Gallery will design and mail postcards for the exhibit, host an Opening Reception for selected artists and the community to include live music and hors d’oeuvres. Additionally, we will advertise the exhibit on KPBS television, NPR, and local press and online listings.  The gallery will retain 40% commission on all sales.

Work must not be larger than 40” wide including frame. All work must be ready to hang with d-rings and wire (no saw tooth hangers or protruding eye hooks). White or off white matting is preferred. Please email up to 3 submissions (300 dpi) to . Please note size of works and include their six-word story.


Please consider the following important dates:

Deadline for consideration to have image on the postcard          January 20, 2016

Final Deadline for submissions                                                                 March 1, 2016

Notification of acceptance/non-acceptance                                        March 5, 2016

Delivery of accepted work                                                                           March 6. 2016 11am-5pm,

March 9-11,   2016 noon-6pm,

March 12, 2016 11am-5pm

Opening Reception                                                                                         March 20, 2016 noon – 2pm

Pick up of unsold work                                                                                  May 8, May 11-14